New publication: Youth labour market: indicators of demand and availability before and during Covid-19

The publication is the result of the internship period that was spent by Karolina Bolesta (Warsaw School of Economics) at Collegio Carlo Alberto in the framework of the Youth Employment ParterSHIP internship program.

The purpose of the research presented in this article is to measure the changes in the labour market due to the pandemic outbreak in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland in the light of labour indicators. There are eight analysed indicators and they come from the Eurostat database. Data are measured annually and the time range consists of five years, from 2016 to 2020. To decompose the structure of variables, I conducted principal component analysis. This enabled identification of two components which describe the ability of the labour market to absorb youth labour supply and the availability of young people to be employed in the private sector. Furthermore, the trend in these two components of the labour market for each of the four countries is presented.

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