New publication: The role of Public Employment Services in the job search behaviour of Italian NEETs

Authors: Sebastiano Scalco, Francesco Trentini and Claudia Villosio

The outreach report is devoted to the study of the positioning of the Public Employment Services (PES) in the job-search behaviour of Italian NEETs and their effectiveness in providing support to young jobseekers. We assess the ties between the young population and the PES and then evaluate the strategies used by Italian NEETs to look for a job, with a focus on the reliance on PES. Our findings show that the incidence of young NEETs that rely on PES services is very limited. The reasons for the difficulties in the performance of PES are multifaceted and can be attributed both to the labour supply and labour demand conditions in Italy in the time window of our analysis. Results for 2020, which account for the effects of policies to prevent the diffusion of COVID-19, return a picture that is coherent with previous evidence.

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