Call for internship – PhD student/young researcher

In the framework of the Youth Employment PartnerSHIP project, Collegio Carlo Alberto is looking for a PhD student/young researcher to work on the topic of youth employment and labour market policies evaluation.

The call is addressed to PhD students/young researchers with research interests in the field of labour economics, with a focus on labour market policies for the youth. Knowledge of Italian is not

The visiting periods will last up to 3 months, starting preferably between January and April 2020, and will be located at the Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin (Italy). The period may be fractioned.

The prospective topic of research will be the analysis of the NEETs in Europe and the PES performance, with special attention to gender issues. Topics of interest for the candidate could be taken into consideration, conditional on the belonging to the project framework. Additionally, the studies could be conducted on data of the European Labour Force Survey (EU-LFS) and the European Survey on Income and Living Conditions (EU-SILC).

The visiting student will have the opportunity to attend seminars held at the Collegio Carlo Alberto and University of Turin, interact with the local faculty on her/his research topics and have the possibility to present in a seminar at the Collegio Carlo Alberto or University of Turin. In particular, the student will be able to participate in the Workshop on labour market policies and dynamics, 13th-14th February 2020, held at Collegio Carlo Alberto and part of the Youth Employment PartnerSHIP activities.

The program will cover travel and accommodation expenses, as well as a daily fee.